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Order of Precedence


At the recent Board meeting held in Budapest, Hungary, Oct 1-4, the public relations committee reviewed the current Order of Precedence. The intent of the review was to create more clarity, preserve longevity (i.e. avoid frequent future changes), and incorporate new positions within the protocol structure. The criteria for changes included the level of office, elected versus appointed positions, and unique cultural differences.

Please refer to the revised Order of Precedence below. Contact staff liaison Dane LaJoye via email at dane.lajoye@lionsclubs.org or by phone at 630.468.6764 if you need further information or clarification.


Scott Drumheller
Executive Administrator & Secretary
Lions Clubs International

Order of Precedence
Lions shall be recognized in the following order:
1. International President
2. Immediate Past International President
3. International Vice Presidents according to rank
4. International Directors
5. Past International President
6. Past International Directors
7. Chairperson, Council of Governors
8. District Governors
9. Association Executive Director
10. Association Secretary
11. Association Treasurer
12. Immediate Past Council Chairperson
13. Past Council Chairperson
14. First Vice District Governor
15. Second Vice District Governor
16. Past District Governors
17. Past Vice District Governors
18. Multiple District Secretaries (Volunteer)
19. Multiple District Treasurers (Volunteer)
20. District Secretaries
21. District Treasurers
22. Region Chairperson
23. Zone Chairperson
24. District Chairperson
25. Club Presidents
26. Immediate Past Club Presidents
27. Club Secretaries
28. Club Treasurers
29. Past Club Presidents
30. Multiple District Secretaries (staff)
31. Multiple District Treasurers (staff)