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Pilot Award


Pilot Award

Purpose: The Pilot Award is to recognize a past district governor (PDG) for outstanding effort, dedication and contributions for the period covered.

Period: January 1 through December 31

General: One PDG Lions from each district and one PDG from the district winners will be recognized annually. The previous years’ district award recipient serves as the Chair for the current year.

Eligibility, procedures submission requirements: Please refer to the MD 35 website (www.lionsofflorida.org) for specifics. Candidates may also contact the District Chair. PDGs wishing to compete for this award are to submit the required paperwork by February 1 of each year.

District Chair:
Jerry Skufe, PDG
1516 Ashlee Branch Way
St. Johns, FL 32259-1922
Cell: 352-454-7818
Email: jskufe@comcast.net