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Order of the Golden Chain

Golden Chain

Purpose: This award is to recognize Lions who demonstrate by actions their commitment to all aspects of Lionism at the club, district, and multiple district levels for the period covered.

Period: January 1 through December 31

Eligibility: Lions who meet the requirements. This award may be earned each year the requirements are met.

Submission: There is a pre-printed electronic form that is available to record the completion of the various requirements. Please secure a copy from the club secretary. The form must be signed by the Club Secretary and Membership Chair and then sent to the District Awards Chair by no later than January 31 after completion of the period covered.

Requirements: The Order of the Golden Chain contains two equally important parts. Part I includes five (5) mandatory activities. Part II lists twenty (20) activities a Lion may participate in. To qualify, a Lion must complete all five (5) mandatory activities in Part I and complete eleven (11) of the twenty (20) options in Part II.

Part I: Mandatory Activities:
1. Attend at least 75% of his/her regular Club meetings during the eligibility period. Missed meetings may be made up by attendance at a local Board of Directors meeting or of meetings at other Lions Clubs.

2. Sign up a new member in a Lions Club (need not be your own Club) and help him/her become an active member.

3. Attend a local Board of Directors Meeting.

4. Be active as a Club committee member.

5. Attend a Zone, Cabinet or Council of Governor’s meeting.


Part II: Complete eleven (11) of the following twenty (20) activities.
1. Serve as active local chair of internal or external committee.

2. Submit a complete plan for a new project to the local Board of Directors.

3. Serve as a local Club Officer or Director or visit one of our three Florida Eye Banks.

4. Write an acceptable article for publication covering some phase of a project activity for a local or MD-35 publication – Florida Lions Magazine, newspaper or broadcast on a radio or television station.

5. Attend a Council of Governor’s Meeting in addition to required activities or visit the Conklin Center.

6. Attend a Zone or Cabinet Meeting in addition to required activities.

7. Send five (5) eye wills to the Florida Lions Eye Bank or present the online link for eye wills to (5) five individuals.

8. Serve as a speaker at a non-Lions meeting in support of a Lion’s project or make a second official visitation to a regular meeting of another Lions Club.

9. Serve as a member of a successful extension team and make three (3) visitations within the qualification period after the club is chartered.

10. Serve as a District Chair, Co-Chair or Vice-Chair or attend a Zone meeting in another Zone.

11. Serve as a Cabinet Officer or participate in an activity determined by the local Club in addition to options 19 and 20.

12. Reactivate a dropped member or have perfect attendance during the eligibility period. Make up rules effective.

13. Introduce a prospect to the Club, sign him/her up and help him/her become an active Lion, this is in addition to ‘2’ listed in Part I.

14. Visit a regular membership meeting of another Club as part of a visitation team.

15. Participate in the presentation of an orientation program.

16. Give Invocation or Benediction at a Lions meeting or lead the club in singing “America” or Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

17. Contribute a pint of blood to a Lion’s Blood Bank or get someone else to contribute, or attend a second Board of Directors meeting.

18. Attend an Eye Bank Meeting or the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind Projects Meeting.

19. Participate in activity determined by your Club.

20. Participate in activity determined by your Club.