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Anchor Award

Anchor Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to provide recognition to “grass root lions” who are involved in the full range of club projects and activities.

Period: July 1 through June 30 of each year.

Eligibility: All Lions except those assigned to the following positions:

  • Current Club Officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Current District Officers (Governor, Vice District Governor, Secretary, Treasurer), Zone Chair
  • Current MD Committee Chairs
  • Past DGs & Past Vice DGs
  • Current or Past International Officers or Directors

The award can be earned only once in each year, but may be awarded at any time during the period after completion of the hours required.

District Chairs shall be considered for the Anchor Award at the discretion of the Governor. Hours accumulated on district committee activities shall NOT be considered for the award.

Requirements: All Lions wishing to gain this award are required to complete at least 125 hours or more of service to any recognized Lion activity, service, or project.

Each Lion should keep a log of all time worked, by date and project/activity name. All hours reported must be actual and not estimates. Sleep and travel time are excluded in any of the hours counted toward the award. Fifty 50 hours will be the maximum allowed for any one project or activity except in cases when a particular club, district, or MD endeavor is considered to be extremely significant. The District Governor will make this decision.

The following is a partial list of functions, which could count toward this award.

  • Club Meetings
  • Club Projects
  • MD-35 Projects
  • Lions International Projects
  • Lion Training Seminars and Classes
  • Zone and Cabinet Meetings
  • Council of Governor’s Conferences
  • Inter-club Meetings
  • Visitations to any Lions entities, such as Leader Dog, any Eye Bank, Conklin Center, Southeastern Guide Dog, etc.)

Award candidates are to submit their log of hours worked to the club secretary who is required to verify and certify its accuracy. The certified record is then submitted to the District Awards Committee Chair for final action by July 31 of each year.