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Melvin Jones Fellowships

Melvin Jones Fellowships

General: The Melvin Jones Fellowship recognizes donations of $1,000. It is the backbone of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), providing 75 percent of the foundation’s revenue. It recognizes humanitarian service and is presented to those who donate $1,000 or to people for whom a donation was made by others.

Created in 1973, the fellowship takes its name from the founder of Lions Clubs International, Melvin Jones.

Fellowship donations are largely responsible for successfully launching the Lions aggressive global attack on preventable and curable blindness – – the LCIF Sightcfirst program.

Fellowship donations, combined with other unrestricted gifts, provide funding for constructing and equipping medical facilities, providing low vision services and other kinds of humanitarian service projects. These projects are
often designed to benefit disadvantaged and underserved populations.

Fellowship donations support vocational assistance programs that teach skills to disabled persons, giving them an opportunity to live productively and independently.

Fellowship donations help fund reconstruction projects following major disasters.

Fellowship donations help provide homes for children with special needs and homes for the elderly.

. . . and the list of humanitarian projects goes on:

When you meet Melvin Jones Fellows, you will notice that they are greatly concerned about the needs of humanity. They are firmly committed to finding ways of improving the quality of life in their local communities and in the world community.

The good works that are funded with fellowship donations has dramatically touched thousands of lives. The personal nature of the fellowship restricts it to individuals only. The honor cannot be given to any group or organization.

The Contributing Membership program is an annual program that recognizes three levels of support: US$20, US$50 and US$100. For US$20, donors receive a Contributing Member lapel pin identifying the fiscal year in which the donation is made. For US$50, donors receive a pin and a silver wreath. For US$100, donors receive a pin and a gold wreath. The pin design changes every year. Contributing membership donations are used to support LCIF grant programs.

Contributing Memberships are a great vehicle for making a difference in the lives of others: US$20 can provide cataract surgery in Africa and South Asia. US$50 can support a diabetic retinopathy eye exam in developing countries. US$100 can make possible a low vision eye exam and glasses in the industrialized world. US$1,000 can provide a vital surgical tool. Contributions can be made by completing the contribution form/mjf form LCIF42) and mailing it to LCIF.

Your club will be awarded a 100% Member Support banner patch and chevron for the first year of 100% Contributing Membership. For each subsequent year of 100% Contributing Membership, your club will receive a chevron. The most efficient way for clubs to handle Contributing Member donations is to accumulate all contributions and send them at one time to LCIF Donor & Financial Services. Please remember to include a list of donor names for appropriate recognition.

For more information on Contributing Memberships, contact the Donor and Financial Services Department at 630) 571-5466, ext. 581 or 574.