Aug 19 2016

Florida Lions Conklin Center for the blind

Conklin Center
Daytona Beach, FL
Message from Mary T Pezzo, mtpezzo@yahoo.com
President of Your Florida Lions Conklin Center

Did you know:

In the early 1970s a survey conducted by the Florida Division of Blind Services found that more than 1,200 adults who were blind with other disabling conditions were placed in institutions and receiving only custodial care.

When the Conklin Center opened for service in 1979, it was the only organization in the United States whose adult services were devoted exclusively to the vocational rehabilitation needs of adults who were blind with coexisting disabling conditions, and we believe this is still the case today.

In January 2000, an Early Intervention Blind Babies Program was added to serve children with who are blind or severely visually impaired and their parents in the most natural environment – their home.

The Conklin Center recently purchased a duplex in Ormond Beach which will enrich the training program to offer real-life independent living skills for the advanced students.

Again this year, the Conklin Center is setting the fund raising goal for each District at $45,000! Ambitious – yes, doable – yes! How about helping your budgets out and run an event or two that just supports the Conklin Center. This will help get more people (and Lions) to be aware of the life changing mission of the Conklin Center. So many ways avenues for press releases today! Keep the Conklin Center informed, we could probably give you hand!

How you can donate to the Conklin Center:
Or any Cash Donation

Special Donations
* $ 25 Purchases a white cane used for mobility training
* $ 50 Buy a learning toy that stimulates the senses for our young est students
* $ 100 Help a student learn to shop for a cook a meal
* $ 250 Provide Job Readiness training in our workshop
* $ 500 Braille instruction for a student who is blind
* $ 1000 Provide training in safe travel on foot or by bus
* $ 365 Your annual donation of $1 a day helps ensure training is available to everyone who needs it

Life Memberships
Amethyst Life Membership $100
Opal Life Membership $250
Sapphire Life Membership $500
Diamond Life Membership $1,000
Ruby Life Membership $2,000
State of Vision License Plate – $25 (at last count – about 3,000 have been purchased

Wish List – check out www.conklincenter.org for a complete list, but when I attend your District Meetings, I am encouraging Lions to send me home with a car filled with new white sheets, (twin or full), new white towels and face cloths!

Looking forward to a great year! Roar!