Jul 08 2016

International President’s Program

New Mountains To Climb


Bob Corlew

Join International President Chancellor Bob Corlew and Lions around the world as we celebrate 100 years of Lions humanitarian service and prepare for our second century of service. Here are some great resources to help Lions climb any mountain and achieve our Centennial goals.

Reach the Summit of Service

Centennial Service Challenge

  • Centennial Service Challenge – Lead through service by joining the challenge to help 100+ million people for our Centennial.
  • Engage and impact youth through hands-on projects with Lions Children First, promote literacy through the Reading Action Program, and bring hope to vulnerable children through the Leo Spotlight on Children.

Build our Team by Inviting for Impact

Membership Awards

  • Centennial Celebration Membership Awards – Increase your service impact and earn once-in-a-lifetime recognition by inviting new members and chartering new clubs.
  • Ask One – Get the tools to energize your membership efforts and build a stronger, healthier club.

Connect with Communities

Community Legacy Projects

  • Centennial Legacy Projects – Raise the visibility of your club and help commemorate our Centennial by making a lasting gift to your community.
  • PR Guide – Learn the best ways to share your story with your community to promote your club and service activities.

Lead Us over the Next Mountain

To Learn More about International President Chancellor Corlew at lionsclubs.org:

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