Jun 10 2016

District Website News

News Flash

Directory Updates
On July 1st, the password for the directory will change. At that time, updates to the directory will begin. Keep an eye out for a flash email message within a week or two after July 1st with the new password to view the directory. The password to the directory will also no longer be included in the monthly newsletter. If you have lost or forgotten the password, you can email Lion Joel at lionjoel@cox.net.

Login Information
In the first couple weeks of July, I will be sending out email messages to all cabinet offices, region and zone chairs, club officers and District committee chairs. This email message will contain important information to be able to login to the website to add news and events to the calendar. If you already have a username and password from the previous year and another Lion is taking over your position, feel free to share with them the login information for the position they are filling.

Website Improvements
A couple of items have been brought to my attention to improve the website and have been implemented.

  • Website printing: Some Lions like to print out information on the website, but when printed, too much unneeded items would print, such as the website banner, menu items, etc. This has now been improved to only print needed information.
  • Email distribution: In the past, email subscribers to the website would receive an email every time a new post was made to the website. To cut down on email messages, only posts marked with the “Important” category will trigger an email to be sent to users. For Lions who would like to know anytime a news post is made, you can still follow one of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumbler) to receive all notifications when a post is created.