Jun 08 2016

Environmental Message

Recycle Often

I want to thank Lion Ed Dickson of the Middleburg Black Creek Club for sending me info on their club’s Earth Day project. This was a simple but elegant idea of growing milkweed plants to help with the feeding and egg laying of the monarch butterfly. The species has almost become endangered due to loss of this food source due mainly to pesticides and herbicides used by farmers. Lion Ed included a gorgeous picture of a monarch caterpillar and an equally gorgeous picture MBC club members with their milkweed plants. Shows how a simple effort can have a great effect. I can’t help but mention that Lion Ed is a former member of the Ocala Lions.




Also, this month I found out about a new streamlined process for recycling Styrofoam. Most processes currently in use actually only process the Styrofoam in crushed or pulverized forms for reuse. This process actually reduces the Styrofoam into a resin that can be used to make other plastics. Just happens the company that created the process is located in Ocala. You can check out more information about the business at www.StyroRez.com.

There are lots of beach and river cleanups underway this spring and summer. I got a chance to participate in the annual Rainbow River Cleanup with a couple of friends. The cleanup has been held for over twenty years so there is not a tremendous amount of items to take out of the river. It’s still a good chance to see lots of fish and turtles.

As always, if your club has a project involving environmental issues, please let me know so I can share it. My email is lytles4unc@cox.net.

Richard Lytle
Environmental Chairman