Jun 06 2016

Global Membership Team Message


Contrary to popular belief, young adults want to volunteer and are volunteering at a higher rate than normal. This is good news for Lions Clubs, because attracting and retaining younger Lions is vital to perpetuate our Clubs. To aid this effort, Lions Clubs International has developed this Young Adult Recruiting Guide to teach existing clubs why young adults want to volunteer and what Lions can do for them. Attracting young adults can be a challenge; therefore, your club may need to revitalize how it operates and how your members think in order to get young adults involved.

Finding Young Adults to Recruit
Finding young adults to recruit may be the one of the easier steps to recruiting young adults. With some helpful hints, you may not have to go far. Use the following ideas for places and methods to recruit younger members into your club:

  • Ask current members to recruit within their family. Children and grandchildren of Lions are a great source for membership.
  • Visit local colleges and universities. Students are a good resource for your club and many educational institutions require volunteer hours for graduation.
  • Attend a local Leo club and find out if Alpha Leos graduating high school are interested in becoming a Lion.
  • Call or email area businesses and ask if you can post flyers or set up a booth in their lunchroom for a day.
  • Partner with a youth group or secondary school to implement a joint service project. Many participants will soon reach the age of legal majority. This will give your club contact with future prospective members.
  • Encourage the young adults you are recruiting to invite their spouse, friends and family members to attend a meeting. Young adults enjoy doing activities in a group and will feel more comfortable if they bring others along with them.

Young people gravitate toward others like themselves, and a good approach is to recruit with your youngest members. Seeing someone of a similar age, lifestyle and perspective enjoying Lions service is a convincing reason to join. Once you have two or three young adults in your club, ask them to team up with your club’s membership chairperson to form a committee concentrated on recruiting other young adults.

Submitted by:
PDG Tony Stefanowicz
District Global Membership Team Coordinator