Jun 03 2016

1st Vice District Governor’s Message

Lion Larry Masters District Governor Elect Lion Sue Masters Partner in Service

Lion Larry Masters
District Governor Elect
Lion Sue Masters
Partner in Service

My Brothers and Sisters in Lions,

I first would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for your support and confidence in electing me as your next Governor. This will be my last letter as your 1st Vice District. Congratulations to Council Chair Elect Lion Larry Hopkins, 1st VDG Elect Diane Melnick and 2nd VDG Elect Bobby Wright, along with all the new club officers for the New Lionistic Year.

We look forward to our next International President Chancellor Bob Corlew and his wife Diane. His theme is “New Mountains to Climb” and mine is “Reach for the Moon”. I believe they complement each other well. After you Climb the Mountain, don’t stop there Reach for the Moon.

As Lions, we have accomplished so much together, gave sight to some; hearing to others; worked with those on diabetes, dental work and measles shots just to name a few. Let us build on this and make our 100th year the best ever.

On June 19th, my wife and I leave for Japan for more training and to be officially installed as Your next Governor. Two days later, we will be celebrating our 13th Anniversary. Did I mention I do not like to fly?

I look forward to our 1st District Meeting at Arlington Jacksonville.

Thank you for all your hard work.

If any Lions has any extra time, there are online courses that you can take from Lions University and you can progress from Bachelors to Masters to Doctorate Degrees. Then it is required to attend Lions USA/Canada Forum to receive your Degrees. The next Forum is September 15-19, 2016. There is also the Lions Learning Center, which is done online. Knowledge is powerful, so have fun in expanding your mind.

Please continue to support fellow Lions who are recovering from illnesses, surgeries and those who have lost loved ones.

Your Brother in Lions,
Lion Larry Masters
District Governor Elect

Reach for the Moon!

New Mountains

Reach for the Moon