Jun 02 2016

District Governor’s Message

Lion Larry Hopkins District Governor Lion Carol Hopkins Partner in Service

Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor
Lion Carol Hopkins
Partner in Service

I hope that the month of May was good for you all. I trust that all had a chance to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday in celebrating what those who have passed in service to our great country have done for us. We need to remember to reach out to our veterans and pull them into this great organization in order that they may continue to serve this great country of ours.

We ended last month with a positive three and are currently setting at a positive twenty-two members. We still have a whole month left to ask those that we have said NO for and give them the opportunity to surprise you with a YES. We still have Lion Bruce McCorkle leading with seven new members brought into Lions this Lionistic year. Who’s going to step up and pull ahead of him this month?

I want to take the time now to welcome a newly chartered Campus Club called the UNF Ospreys Campus Club at University of North Florida in Jacksonville. I want to congratulate and thank Lions Tony Stefanowicz, PDG and Bobby Wright, 2nd VDG Elect for their hard work in pulling this club together. I am sure that with their guidance, the Ospreys will be in great hands and that they will give the Gators and the Seminoles Campus Clubs a run for their money, on which club is able to do the most for their community and which one grows the most this next year.

Starting with the July issue of the Multiple District magazine, it will only come to you as a digital edition. It is very important that club secretaries make sure that all club members email addresses are entered in MyLCI as that will be the email list used to deliver the digital magazine. For those clubs wishing to have an article printed in it, you need to have your articles to them by June 15th for publication in the July issue. For all other issues following the July issue you will have to have material to them thirty days prior to the first of the following month. Example: (For something to be published in the August 1st issue you need to have your material to them by the 2nd of July) Make sure that when you send photos that they are in a JPEG or compatible format and that your articles are in Microsoft Word or compatible format and describes the who, what, where, when, why and how of what is in the photo. If using a cell phone photo, make sure that they are in high resolution when taking the picture so that they don’t become grainy when used. You may email articles and pictures to davidskillin@verizon.net or you may send by mail to P. O. Box 1306 or 1315 Oakfield Drive, Brandon, FL 33511. If mailing pictures, make sure that they are on good quality photo paper and not on plain paper as the quality is severely diminished and is unable to be used. District newsletter articles will continue to be sent to Lion Norma Jean Andrews, PDG at froglady39@hotmail.com . You must have your articles to her no later than the 25th of each month to be printed in the following month’s newsletter. Same thing as stated above for the Multiple District magazine when it comes to pictures and articles you want in the newsletter.

It is with great sadness that this is my last newsletter article as your District Governor. I will however continue to be active in the District and will help to support the incoming District Cabinet as much as they wish to let me. Just remember to always “Make the Most of What You Have” whether that is with one or one hundred members in the club. Remember to become a part of the fabric of your local schools in reaching out to those kids that are in need of assistance and in mentoring our youth in what it means to serve their community. I will be your Council Chair next year and I will also be representing our District as the Secretary for the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind. So, you see, I will continue to be active and involved in serving this next year. Give the incoming District Governor Lion Larry Masters and his Partner in Service Lion Sue your full support in all that he sets out to accomplish in taking this great District to the next level.

Thank You for all that each of you do and continue helping those in need “We Serve”, respect each other, recognize the accomplishments of all, don’t be judgmental, lend a hand, and let’s move Lionism Forward.

Well, that is all I have folks! Let’s go “Make the Most of What You Have!”

Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor 35-L
(904) 303-2075