May 11 2016

Environmental Message

Recycle Often

You really have to read labels carefully these days. Not just food labels as I am sure most of us do, but you also need to pay close attention to labels for such things as weed killers and bug sprays. You really have to hunt on most of these things to find out how to dispose of them. For instance, I was looking at a jug of Round Up weed killer in my garage. You have to peel back the label on the back to read the small print at the bottom which says to consult your local solid waste agency about disposal. Turns out Round Up contains some very strong GMO poisons that we really do not want in our water supply. It may be too late to worry about this though because recent studies show these substances are showing up in most pregnant women and human fetuses. No studies have done yet to show what effects this will have. Anyone want to argue how much the pesticide industry is over-regulated?

Even things such as roach motels, bug sprays, oven cleaners, and car care products all contains poisons we don’t want to be in the water table. Most county landfills have amnesty days on which you can take these things to them for disposal. I have a box in my garage I have started to save for amnesty.

As usual, although I’m beginning to think it’s a rhetorical gesture, if your club has an environmental project such as tree planting or road clean up, please let me know so I can share with the district. My email is lytles4unc@cox.net. Thanks.

Richard Lytle
Environmental Chairman

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