Apr 13 2016

Environmental Message

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Sometimes it seems there are so many issues when it comes to the environment that go beyond just actions as an individual. I mean, of course, we all need to support recycling and cleaning up the environment; but some larger issues require action on a governmental level. Such things as having cash deposits on plastic bottles and aluminum cans would go a long way towards removing them from the landscape. This would require contacting our state representatives to promote this. I know Lions Club are not to be involved in political activities, but individual Lions could do this on their own. The same thing could be said for plastic bags which seem ubiquitous. I joke sometimes about the fact you don’t need to take a plastic bag with you if you are wanting to pick up recyclable trash in an area. You can pretty much be assured of finding one every twenty or thirty feet on most roadways. Again action by government would go a long way toward removing these things from the landscape, too. It’s just a thought, but it is definitely a way to go about improving the environment.

As always, if you have a local project that your club is doing that we could share, please let me know. My email is lytles4unc@cox.net.

Richard Lytle
Environmental Chairman

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