Apr 12 2016

Introduction Etiquette


The association’s Official Protocol is designed to eliminate confusion regarding the proper recognition of Lion dignitaries. Whether for purposes of introduction or head table seating, it provides a simple and definitive answer to the question: “Who comes first?” You may adapt the order to fit your cultural traditions.

When non-Lion dignitaries are present, use a combination of precedence and local custom to decide at what point they should be introduced. Clubs, districts and multiple districts are required to extend the same rights and privileges as required under official protocol to resident officers as they would extend to officers visiting from other districts, multiple districts or constitutional areas, irrespective of local custom. The principal speaker should acknowledge all dignitaries present. The following is the official protocol policy of The International Association of Lions Clubs. Only the principal speaker is required to acknowledge all dignitaries present.

Order of Precedence
Lions shall be recognized in the following order:

1. International President
2. Immediate Past International President
3. International Vice Presidents (according to rank)
4. International Directors
(Board Appointees)
5. Past International Presidents
6. Past International Directors
7. Chairperson, Council of Governors
8. District Governors
9. Association Executive Director
10. Association Secretary
11. Association Treasurer
12. Past Council Chairperson
13. Immediate Past District Governor
14. First Vice District Governor
15. Second Vice District Governor
16. Past District Governor
17. Multiple District Secretaries (Volunteer)
18. Multiple District Treasurers (Volunteer)
19. District Secretaries
20. District Treasurers
21. Region Chairperson
22. Zone Chairperson
23. District Chairperson and Coordinators and GMT/GLT Team Leaders
24. Club Presidents
25. Immediate Past Club Presidents
26. Club Secretaries
27. Club Treasurers
28. Past Club Presidents
29. Multiple District Secretaries (staff)
30. Multiple District Treasurers (staff)

PDG Tony Stefanowicz
District Protocol Chair