Apr 11 2016

Get the Keys to Membership Satisfaction


Want to learn more about increasing member satisfaction in your club? Check out these great resources:

Your Club Your Way Brochure

The Membership Satisfaction Guide provides great ideas for meeting and exceeding the expectations of Lions by creating a satisfying club experience.

The Your Club, Your Way! brochure gives you strategies for making meetings enjoyable and productive to better engage your members.

Download these resources and start increasing your membership satisfaction today!

The key to long-term membership growth is keeping your members happy. There’s no better way than keeping your members engaged in service—it’s the reason we became Lions. To make sure your club experience remains satisfying, give all members opportunities to lead, share their ideas and identify service projects that are important to them.

Inviting and retaining new members go hand in hand. That’s why the Centennial Membership Awards recognizes clubs for inducting and retaining new members. Encourage your Lions to invite for impact today, then focus on membership satisfaction to keep members coming back year after year!

PDG Tony Stefanowicz
District Global Membership Team Coordinator