Apr 06 2016

District Governor’s Message

Lion Larry Hopkins District Governor Lion Carol Hopkins Partner in Service

Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor
Lion Carol Hopkins
Partner in Service

Hello Fellow Lions,
I hope that all have had a wonderful Easter weekend and that you enjoyed spending time with family and friends. This next month is going to be a busy one with all that we have going on.

Our District Mini Convention in Gainesville on the 9th of April. If you have not sent your RSVP, please send it to Lion Cris Hirsch right away. You need to let her know your meal selection – only $14.00 each! Can’t go wrong with that kind of cost for a full plated meal including salad, dessert, drink and tip.

It’s time to elect your club officers and get them reported under My Lions Club, Officers, Select Term, Next Year on MyLCI website by the end of April.

While you are on there make sure that your club meeting and location information is correct. This is really important so that next year’s directory has correct information.

Make sure you have all members with an email address imputed as well because starting in July that will be the only way they get the Florida Lions Magazine and the District Newsletter.

  • Right now there are almost 68% of members emails in the MyLCI data base. Without an email address in the system you miss out on so much communication from your Club, Zone Chair, Region Chair, District and Lions Club International – these communications keep you informed on what is happening in your organization.
  • Remember that lionsof35l.com website is a fantastic source of Information on our District as well.

The next big deal of the month is Lions Worldwide Induction Day on April 28th.

  • My challenge to all is to find a new member and have them inducted on this day and show the world that we are the best District in the United States, if not the world.
  • We are currently setting at a -16 for the year in member. Let’s turn this around and end this year in positive membership for the first time in over seven years.
  • Remember not to make excuses for someone and say no for those that we have never asked.
  • Keep your membership accurate:
    Make sure that when a member passes away the member is dropped as deceased and not any of the other choices you have.
    If you have not dropped them properly then it is very likely that their name won’t come up for the District and Multiple District Necrology services that hap pen at the District Mini Convention and Multiple District Convention.


  • The Multiple District Convention being held in our District!
  • Jacksonville, FL April 28th through May 1st
  • A lot of clubs and Lions from our District worked hard to pull this together along with others from the Multiple District.
  • Let’s show our District Lions Pride and come Roaring into Jacksonville!
  • Check your latest Florida Lions magazine for the registration information.

The last couple things that I would like to touch on is related to some of the things shared with me during my visitations. Things we can make an effort to improve upon.

Some clubs are “poaching” into other club’s areas of responsibility and raising funds from these businesses.

ISSUE: This really causes a big problem for the local club when it comes time for them to solicit funds from these same businesses.

It is one thing to obtain permission and quit another thing when you just go in and solicit without knowing if the local club has just done something or is about to do something. Let’s pay each other common courtesy and respect as well as maintaining the Lions good name.

Clubs in our district are refusing to help people within their territory with vision or hearing issues. This is unacceptable!

The Lions mission is to help people in need with sight and hearing issues.

Lions have several ways of being able to help people if your club does not have the funds to handle a particular person.

  • The Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind
  • The North Florida Lions Foundation
  • The North Florida Lions Hearing Aid Bank
  • Lions Clubs International Foundation’s “Affordable Hearing Aid Program”
  • And many more.

Let’s make sure that we are placing priority on our mission over other projects that we may be involved with on the local level. We should never be saying no to helping someone that is in need that fits our mission as Lions. Learn these other agency’s programs and help facilitate the person receiving the help they need.

Well, that is all for now folks! Let’s go “Make the Most of What You Have”!

Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor 35-L
(904) 303-2075

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