Mar 18 2016

Conklin Center

Conklin Center

The Conklin Center has been busy helping blind children and adults with additional disabilities be independent and contributing citizens. Because our support and training is one on one and structured to individual needs, we have graduation classes of one. We are excited to announce that Kayla is our most recent graduate! Her family, friends, staff and Board President, Mary Pezzo, enjoyed a wonderful graduation lunch at the Conklin Center in her honor. Kayla has now moved into her own apartment in Ormond Beach and has a steady job at Dunkin Donuts in Daytona Beach.

Dunkin Donuts has become a trusted employer of our students and graduates and their corporate headquarters has taken notice. Because of their wonderful service and work with the Conklin Center, the local franchise is being honored as Franchise of the Year!

Conklin Center T-Ray

We are also excited to announce that T-Ray, one of our graduates, was named the January Employee of the Month at LC Industries! Employment is our main focus and T-Ray is an excellent example of how the Conklin Center can change a life.