Mar 06 2016

General Procedural Guidelines for Club Elections


  • Club Elections – Timing: Elections are to be held no later than April 15 of each year. The club secretary is required, either by mail or by personal delivery, to give notice to each member of the club at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the date of election. (Standard Form Club By-Laws, Article IV, Section 1.)
  • Nomination Committee: The Club President appoints the nomination committee, which submits the names of candidates for various club offices to the club membership at the nomination meeting. (Standard Form Club By-Laws, Article IV, Section 2.)
  • Nominations: Nominations may be made from the floor of the nomination meeting. Once nominations have been closed, no more nominations may be made. If the nominee/s are unable to serve, and there is no other nominee, the nominating committee may submit, at the election meeting, names of additional nominees for that office. (Standard Form Club By-Laws, Article IV, Section 2 & 3.)
  • Eligibility for Office: To be eligible for club office, the Lion must be an active member in good standing. (Standard Form Club ByLaws, Article II, Section 2.
  • General Voting Guidelines: Unless otherwise provided in the respective club constitution and by-laws, the election shall be by ballot by those present and eligible to vote. A plurality vote is necessary to elect
  • Quorum: The presence in person of a majority of the members in good standing. (Standard Form Club By-Laws, Article III, Section 5.)
  • Eligibility to vote: Voting privileges are granted to members present who are in good standing and fall into one of the following membership categories: Active, Affiliate, Associate, Life, Member at Large and Privileged. The president is entitled to one vote, so long as he or she is in good standing.
  • Plurality vote: The candidate receiving the largest number of votes has a plurality.
  • Form of Ballot: Unless otherwise provided in the respective club constitution and by-laws, or other adopted rules, in elections, “for” and “against” spaces or boxes should not be used. They are applicable only with respect to votes on motions.

An election, in effect, is a vote on filling a blank, and a voter can vote against one candidate only by voting for another who has been nominated or by writing in the name of another candidate.

  • General Principles Regarding Elections: All elections should be guided by the provisions contained in the respective club, district and International Constitution and ByLaws, or by any rules of procedure adopted by the respective club or district for elections or by local statute or common law. Otherwise, all questions of order or procedure should be determined in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order

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