Mar 03 2016

2nd Vice District Governor’s Message

Lion Diane Melnick 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Bob Melnick, IPDG Partner in Service

Lion Diane Melnick
2nd Vice District Governor
Lion Bob Melnick, IPDG
Partner in Service

Lions Clubs International (LCI) is again focusing on “Membership for Women” this month. The Women’s Membership Initiative was started in 2003 to help increase their membership within our clubs. In 2008, it was joined with the Family Membership Program. Since then women’s membership grew from a total of 13.7% in 2002-03 to 26% in 2014-15.

As an incentive, Lions Clubs International (LCI) sponsors initiatives to encourage women’s membership including grants for Family & Women’s Symposiums. The regional workshops, provided by these grants give us the opportunity to exchange ideas and identify projects for new members and new club growth. Along with that, we are able to explore the recruitment and retention of women and to devise ways to increase their numbers and create action plans.

All of our Lions Clubs are antonymous, which allows us to be creative in the projects we choose and on how each of our individual clubs is structured, as long as we follow the guidelines set by Lions Clubs International (LCI). Traveling to the clubs within our District for the past several years and seeing your individuality has been both exciting and educational for me – and has often given me new ideas to bring back to my home club. I applaud your dedicated service to your communities.

However, I have also seen the need to increase our membership, which is declining. I will not preach to you to change your recruitment methods, if your club is growing and supporting meaningful projects within your communities. If it’s not, you may want to look at all options available for increasing your membership – which will give you more “working hands” to carry out your service projects.

One way you may consider for increased membership is to start a Branch Club, which will not change how your club functions. This would be part of your existing “parent club”, however, they would hold independent meetings, select their own projects and activities and create the opportunity for your club to expand, while keeping your own club structure intact. When forming a branch club, you will need at least five (5) members and an experienced Lion to be their branch liaison. The new branch club consists of their own executive committee (branch president, branch secretary and branch treasurer), as well as their branch liaison. If this is something that may work for your club, to increase women’s and family’s membership and recruit younger members, you can get more information in the Branch Club Guide on the LCI website at: Lionsclubs.org. This guide will answer all of the questions you may have as well as give you all of the information needed to form your own Branch Club and increase membership.

I hope each club will have membership growth in the upcoming months giving us more Lions to help in our community service goals. Also, remember as you work within your clubs that when you come together it’s a beginning, when you work together its progress and when you stay together its success for your club. Here’s to your club’s continued success.

Yours in Lionism,
Lion Diane Melnick,
2nd Vice-District Governor

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