Feb 24 2016

Batteries and Bulbs

Batteries and Bulbs

Pictured are boxes containing over twenty pounds of batteries and light bulbs recycled by the Ocala Lions Club. We have taken this on as a continuing project. We are also recycling electronic equipment such as computer parts, cables, and any other electronic devices or parts of them. We recycle the bulbs and batteries at Batteries Plus and the electronic equipment at Recycle All Electronics, both of which are here in Ocala. If you Google these items, I’m sure you can find a recycling possibility in your area.

While we’re talking about computer equipment, you know the large pieces of Styrofoam you get when you buy computer parts or almost anything that is shipped to you. I really don’t like the idea of this stuff ending up in the landfills. Fortunately, there are shipping and packing companies that reuse this stuff along with plastic peanuts. Here in Ocala, we have PakMail in the Chelsea Square Shopping Center. Until we get a facility that actually recycles this stuff, reusing is the next best option. Again, you can Google your locality to find a similar facility. If anyone has an actual Styrofoam recycling facility, please let me know. I know that in the Jacksonville area the company handling recycling for the city takes Styrofoam.

We are also recycling Christmas cards we have received by giving them to Operation Shoebox, a local outfit that raises money and many items such as toiletries, phone cards, and other items for our troops stationed overseas. The front portion of the card is used if there is no writing on it to send Christmas messages to troops next year. We are also recycling canvas shopping bags to them. This way they don’t have to rely on plastic bags for their customers purchases at their thrift store. You can see what Operation Shoebox does by checking out their website at www.operationshoebox.com. Quite an endeavor for our neighboring city of Belleview.

Again, please let me know of any recycling projects you and your club are doing so it can be shared with the clubs in District 35L. My email is lytles4unc@cox.net, and phone is (352) 804-4168.

Richard Lytle
Environmental Chairman

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