Feb 18 2016

Council of Governors Seeking Bids for Multiple District 35 – Florida and the Bahamas Lions Magazine


The 2015-2016 Council of Governors are seeking bids for the position of Editor/Publisher of the Multiple District 35 Florida and the Bahamas Lions Magazine. Bidding is open to any Lion or Company who has previous experience and expertise in the area of editing and publishing periodical publications. Bids from previous editors/publishers of the MD-35 Magazine are welcome.

Specifications: The Editor/Publisher and their representatives will act as editor of the MD-35 Magazine and the Publisher’s Representative on behalf of the Council of Governors and the Lions of Multiple District 35. They will oversee all facets of the publication to include editorial, photography, writing and editing as well as sale of advertising. All work shall be done under the following terms and conditions:

  • 1. The MD-35 Magazine will be called Multiple District 35 – Florida and the Bahamas Lions Magazine and shall be published on a monthly basis.
  • 2. The Editor/Publisher should be a Lion in good standing with a Lions Club in MD-35 that he/she will have a working knowledge of important issues to be covered by the magazine. It is not necessary the publisher be a Lion in good standing in a Lions Club in MD-35.
  • 3. The size of the MD-35 Magazine shall contain a minimum of at least 24 pages, published in a digital format for use on any modern computer, laptop or handheld portable device. Publisher will provide to general membership access to all prior issues in an archival format available for download preferably in pdf format.
  • 4. Material/Content for the MD-35 Magazine shall be supplied by all Lions sources within Multiple District 35 and other sources as may best support and further the cause of Lionism.
  • 5. The MD-35 Magazine will be proofread by an authorized representative of the Council of Governors a minimum of 72 hours before each issue is sent to the printer.
  • 6. The Editor/Publisher’s Representative will e-mail a digital copy of each issue of the MD-35 Magazine to all members of the council of Governors within MD-35, using a mailing list provided by the Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Council of Governors. The MD-35 Magazine for each particular month/months is to be published/made available during the first week of the current month.
  • 7. The MD-35 Magazine is to be published monthly without exception. Other acceptable options will be considered.
  • 8. The Editor/Publisher’s Representative shall be authorized to publish commercial advertising with prior approval by the Council of Governors or their authorized representative just so long as the content does not violate the Lions image and/or the Lions code of ethics. Any community project or fundraiser within MD-35 hosted by a Lions Club in good standing in MD-35 shall be classified as non-commercial advertising and will be authorized at no cost to the host Lions club.
  • 9. Any and all remuneration realized from the sale of commercial advertising will be shared equally between the Multiple District and the editor/publisher including the deduction of any sales/use tax applied to said commercial advertising. Whenever there is commercial advertising, notification of said commercial advertising will be included in the invoice for the issue in question including any sales/use tax charged and forwarded to the Multiple District Office.
  • 10. The Editor/Publisher’s Representative will be compensated directly by Multiple District 35 for services rendered. Cost and payment billing schedule will be provided to Multiple District 35 as part of proposal.

The contract term will run from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2019 for a period of three (3) years renewable only by approval of the Council of Governors. The contract terms will include a 6-month early termination notice that may be executed by either party without prejudice or further notification.

Deadline for Bid Submission: All bid proposals must be postmarked on or before March 31, 2016. Bid proposals will be reviewed by the Council of Governors at the March Executive Conference in Orlando and all who have submitted a proposal will be given time to present before the Council of Governors. Any additional options that benefit the Lions of MD-35 will be considered. Additional requirements may be added with prior agreement between the Editor/Publisher as necessary.

All bids for proposal will be submitted to:

Multiple District 35 – Lions of Florida and the Bahamas
7200 Lake Ellenor Dr. Suite 109
Orlando, FL 32809-5786
Attn: MD-35 Magazine Bid Proposal

Click here to download a PDF file of the above information.