Feb 17 2016

Club President – 7 Keys to Success

Club President Award

Club Presidents – Open the Doors to Success for Your Club!

Each new year brings opportunities for renewed energy and focus on improving your leadership skills and your club! International President Yamada invites you to open the door to success and increased community service by employing the Seven Keys to Success. Encourage your club to make positive changes in how it serves members and the community by leading it through the Seven Keys to Success. You can even earn an award that recognizes your leadership. Just complete the Club President Award application and forward it to your district governor.

2015-16 Club President Award
Leaders unite people and inspire change. Change that is positive and impactful. As club president, you have a unique opportunity to change the way your club serves its members and its community.

The 2015-2016 Club President Award is based on the Seven Keys to Success and is an initiative to help you, as club president, lead your club, maximize its potential and utilize the resources available from Lions Clubs International to find new ways to serve your community.

It starts with you and you can start today!

Seven Keys to Success

  • To increase the value of being a member, host a New Member Orientation.
  • To be a club that members can be proud of, conduct How Are Your Ratings? to find ways to make membership in your club more meaningful.
  • To hold high quality service projects, conduct a Community Needs Assessment and carry out a service project.
  • To serve with family members, host a service project that includes family members.
  • To increase the number of female and/or younger members, sponsor younger and/or female members or charter a club that includes female and/or younger members.
  • To be a leader in your community, take two or more courses or seminars offered online from the Lions Learning Center or offered by your district, multiple district, constitutional area or LCI.
  • To think in dynamic new ways, conduct Your Club, Your Way, Blueprint for a Stronger Club, or the Club Quality Initiative (CEP) to identify and implement changes.
    Upon completion, submit the Application Form to your District Governor or Zone Chairperson. You can submit the application at any time during the 2015-2016 fiscal year! Your District Governor will then order the award. Please allow three or more weeks for delivery. All orders must be received by June 30, 2016.