Feb 04 2016

Volunteer Leaders


District 35-L is Lookin’ for Leaders!

February is the month your local club should have chosen a nominating committee and begun the process of looking for new officers. Most club officers ascend “through the chairs”, meaning that future leaders get a chance for on-the-job training as they serve alongside their mentors. Check your bylaws for your election protocol.



To continue as the largest international volunteer organization, we must continue to recruit and develop Leaders. To serve our communities, we need strong organizations and strong organizations require strong leaders. District 35-L is looking for a member Lion with the passion and commitment to step up in service as the next Second Vice District Governor.

Our Multiple District is sponsoring a “Potential Leaders’ Serminar” on Saturday, February 6, 2016 at the Multiple District Office at 7200 Lake Ellenor Drive Suite 109 Orlando, FL 32809. There is no cost to attendees and the commencement time is 8:59 AM

What are the Qualifications?
In order for a Lion to be eligible and qualified to be selected to fill a vacancy in the office of Second Vice District Governor, they must:

  • a. Be an Active Member in good standing of a chartered Lions Club in good standing in their district.
  • b. Have served or will have served at the time they take office as Second Vice District Governor:
    • i. As President of a Lions club for a full term or major portion thereof; and
    • ii. As member of a Lions club board of directors for two years or major portion thereof; and
    • iii. As a member of the district cabinet (Region or Zone Chairperson or District Secretary or Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer) for a full term or major portion thereof.
    • iv. With none of the above being accomplished concurrently.

Lions International provides a premium learning curriculum and on-going training, both international and local. This is an internship in Executive Management so we encourage you to volunteer today! Contact your District Governor, Larry Hopkins, or Lion Sheryl L. Shemet, your Global Leadership Team Coordinator or visit the LCI website, www.lionsclubs.org to learn more about the District Governor positions and other leadership opportunities.

Yours Together in Service,
Lion Sheryl Shemet
GLT-D, 35-L