Jan 21 2016

Reinventing Your General Meeting


Reinventing Your General Meeting
submitted by PDG Tony Stefanowicz
District 35L Protocol Chair

Are there ways to make your club meetings more exciting and enjoyable?

Every Lions club is different. Below you will find several elements of a typical club meeting with ideas to help customize events to meet the needs of your members and be more appealing to non-members.

    Many clubs open with a song or a pledge, but your club does not have to! Determine the traditions that your members would like to keep and drop the others. Ask your younger members if they enjoy the club’s traditions and adjust the activities to appeal to your potential members also!
    Similar to traditions, the way the meeting room is set and the way the club leaders are addressed can be determined by the club. The club has the authority to continue or eliminate items such as the head table for club leaders and visitors or acknowledging members in the order of importance. Some clubs preferred an atmosphere where everyone is equal.
    Clubs might determine that they would like to wear Lions vests, while others might decide to wear Lions polo shirts, dress shirts with matching ties or perhaps just their favorite Lions apparel. Have fun determining your own dress code.
    Does your club have (or would like to recruit) young parents or families with children? If so, discuss how the meeting format, location and time might be changed to accommodate family members
    There are multiple ways to communicate with members. While announcements during meetings can be exciting and motivating, take advantage of email, text messages, FACEBOOK, twitter, your club’s web site and any other way your members routinely communicate.
    After assessing club meeting elements and determining which changes your members would welcome, you might introduce the new concepts by renaming the event to reflect the purpose and objective of the event. In some areas of the world “meeting” implies a very structured business-centered assembly. If your event is more fun-focused or social-minded, you might consider calling the event a social gathering or celebration. Consider terms such as event, gathering, festivity, or another term that more adequately reflects the intent of the event.