Jan 11 2016

Global Leadership Team Message


A New Year’s Resolution for Clubs!

Lion Leaders,

Our common goal is to serve our communities with the resources we have available. Our best resource is fellow Lions who we work alongside during projects and meet together for fellowship and fun. Our biggest obstacle can also seem to be our fellow Lions. Because we have different personalities and experiences, our point of view can bring conflicts that may hinder our common goal. Our differences can result in increased synergy or decreased energy.

January is traditionally celebrated as a time of resolutions and fresh starts. Let us remember:
Before you speak, T.H.I.N.K.

T – Is it TRUE?
H – Is it HELPFUL?
K – Is it KIND?

LCI has a number of tools that can assist your Club in building a successful and effective team. “Blueprint for a Stronger Club”, “Your Club. Your Way”, “Club Quality Program” are just a few. If you need assistance or a trained facilitator, please contact me at lionsheryl@yahoo.com.

There are a number of training opportunities coming up, such as our Regional Lion Leadership Institute, Emerging Lions Leadership Institute, Advanced Lion Leadership Institute, and Zone/Region Chair Boot Camp II. Information is available on the LCI or District 35-L website.

May we have a prosperous and successful year of service!

Yours Together in Service,
Lion Sheryl Shemet
GLT-D, 35-L

Think Before You Speak