Jan 08 2016

Sight First Grant and Diabetes Update


We filed our report in November and just received our second year funds. We also have received our third camera. It is important to get the camera scheduled if you have the following criteria:
1) dark space,
2) 2) large enough past history of good turnout,
3) 3) ability to provide adequate staff to do blood sugar screening and vision acuity.
4) 4) Contact me as to locate a certify retina screener.

We are in process of updating our training manual and protocol. We will be working with the Florida Diabetic Camps as well as the Pediatric Endo Diabetic clinics in St Petersburg, Tampa as well as Gainesville. We will not unless
Event conducts BS screening on the children but take the reading from their pumps or meters. The form will be changed for these events. This will also be true if we are working in a diabetic clinic and they have their current readings available for us.

We have at this time the following Certified Retina Screeners: Ruth Hyatt, Donna Norton, Steve Norton, Vivian Henegar, Glenn Brown, Jackie Cameron, Betsey Messer, and Joel Levenston. The following are in process of their training some only need one more: John Thomas, David Skillin, Betty Berrea, Pat Block, and George Ann Grant.

Retina screener training includes the following: 1) take a retina screening with the trainer working closely with a trainer of at least 7 to 10 images that are gradable at 90%. 2) Conduct the retina screener again 7 to 10 images and before uploading have the trainer review. Again must have 90% readable. 3) Conduct a retina screening without a trainer of 7 to 10 and have 90% gradable.

We have others interested in training so we are working on this and will be asking you to complete the schedule and I will get back if I can provide a certify retina screener.

Please return the forms back as soon as you have completed the screening. Our data base in large and important to us to have a review so if there is an error is does not continue. When I find an error I will return to the team leader with the mistake highlighted. Please make sure the team leader has their email on the report form. This has been added.

We will be updating our form to rev 9 on 1/1/16. IF you use Rev 8, no chance in questions just removing the insurance name and eye doctor name.

Please ask the patient the questions they skip. We want a good report going in to LCIF. Remember these consent forms are money. We need to do an outstanding job and show them we are proud to be a pilot for such a very important new project under Sight First.

Questions please feel free to contact me please only use Lionnormacallahan@yahoo.com.

Happy New YEAR
Lion Norma Callahan PDG
Grant Manager