Dec 23 2015

Protocol – Phasing In Change

-submitted by PDG Tony Stefanowicz
District 35L Protocol Chair

Phasing in Change

If your members decide that they would like to change the format or any element of the meeting, determine when the change should take place.

If change is radical or members are unsure, try establishing a special meeting once a quarter using a new format to see how members like it. For example: your club might consider replacing a monthly meeting each quarter with a service project or family friendly event. Consider hosting a party for disadvantaged children or feed homeless people in a shelter, in place of a meeting.

Or consider more on-line collaboration for planning an event or approving a program.

You might start by choosing the event that club members would like to change the most, which might be the general meeting, board meeting or some other ongoing events.

Think About This – The pain of change is gone soon after the gain of change is realized.