Dec 09 2015

Jake’s Vision

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Jakes Vision 2

This is Jake.

Jake was only 9 years old when he lost his sight. A rare genetic disease called Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) left him legally blind.

Like most little boys, Jake loves sports and dreamt of being a baseball star or soccer champ. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Going blind meant that Jake would have to start a new life at a new school in St. Augustine, Florida.

At Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB) Jake learned that he didn’t have to give up his love for sports. Athletics remained part of his identity and kept him grounded. Somehow, he turned his love for soccer and baseball into a love of running and wrestling.

Jake honestly believes that being visually impaired can’t stop you from achieving your dreams and that became his vision.


He wanted every kid in the blind school to see sports as a possibility. So, at 10 years old, he ran a local 5k race to raise money for his elementary school to have a “Field Day”. It was an amazing day of fun, where all of his visually impaired classmates had a chance to try sports of all types. That was 8 years ago.

Since then Jake has continued to be a positive influence to many and even earned a nationally recognized Character Counts award for his academic, social, emotional, and character development. He’s just a real good kid!

Jakes Vision 3

Now Jake is, once again, looking to give back to the school that helped shaped his life.

He is a high school senior at FSDB and as his farewell gift, he will be running in the Walt Disney World Marathon (26.2 miles) on January 10th to raise enough money for the blind kids in the elementary school to have a Field Day of their own for many years to come. Additionally, he wants to give back to the many school programs that he enjoyed through the years that would not exist without the generosity of others.

We are honored that a family friend has offered to match donations dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. Because of this, a $5 contribution will be doubled to $10. $50 becomes $100. $250 becomes $500 and so on. So, every amount truely does help!

If you are able to donate, the money would be used to directly benefit “Jake’s Vision”: That every kid could find a love for sports if just given the chance.

Because of Jake and your generosity, the blind elementary school students at FSDB will have that chance for years to come!

Jakes Vision 4

Thank you so much for reading this far and for your generosity! ~JAKE

To donate to Jake’s Vision, click here to donate via the GoFundMe website. To donate directly to Florida School for The Deaf and The Blind, click the link below.

Extra special:
Any extra funds will be used to help the blind kids of Jake’s elementary school. Maybe there could even be Field Days in years to come. Oh and yes the contributions are tax deductible.

If you prefer to donate directly to FSDB, you can click this link:
Just mention “JAKE TESSAR” in the notes.

OR Call:

Tanya Rhodes
Executive Director of Advancement
Florida School for The Deaf and The Blind
Office – 904.827.2235