Dec 08 2015

Global Membership Team Message



-submitted by PDG Tony Stefanowicz
District 35L GMT Coordinator


The first step to inviting new members to join your Lions club is to get your club ready.

Decide what you want your club to be.

  • What does your club want to focus on?
  • What do your members want your club to be?
  • How do you envision your club next year?
  • Five years from now?

Identify what you want your club to accomplish.

  • What type of service projects does your club want to conduct?
  • How often?
  • Where?

Decide what your goals are.

  • Use the Recruiting Goals form found on the LCI website to define your club membership goals. Be sure to consider how new members will fit in to your objectives.

Why does your club want new members?

  • Before you begin inviting new members, it is important to identify why. The answer should be clear, tangible and relevant not simply “for more service.” For example: “If we had 3 more members, we could pack 100 more lunches for the homeless each month.”

Who are your target members?

  • Are they younger members, women, community professionals, parents of Leos, family members or friends? Your club may have more than one target group. Keep in mind that when recruiting new members, it often works best to recruit 2-4 people.

Who will help your club recruit?

  • Although everyone in your club should be encouraged to help recruit new members, each member has strengths. Make the most of these by encouraging your members to take on roles in the recruiting process.

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