Dec 07 2015

Global Leadership Team Message


Model Leadership

Leadership is critical to the overall success of our Lions Clubs. An effective Leadership Team provides the vision, guidance and motivation necessary for us to continually fulfill our mission of providing quality, relevant service to our communities. How do you define a successful leader? Is it a motivator, an administrator, a mentor, a delegator, or a combination of all of these? 2VDG Diane Melnick & I recently graduated from the Advanced Lions Leadership Institute. One of the tools we discussed was the Five Levels of Leadership.

  • Challenge the Process – New ideas come from outside the “usual routines”. Haven’t we all heard the complaint that “We’ve always done it that way” and “Why fix something that isn’t broken”? Because innovation and change involve experimenting and taking risks, Leaders should create a social culture that recognizes new ideas, supports contrary opinions, and is willing to challenge them.
  • Model the Way – Be clear about your values and the shared values of Lions – Service & Integrity.
  • Inspire a Shared Vision – Your enthusiasm and excitement can stimulate others to action. Leaders know you can’t command other to follow; they must be motivated by the passion of your mission.
  • Enable Others to Act – Foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships. Avoid criticism when reviewing new ideas that may seem outside the norm. Interlachen Lions Club took a bold step in partnering with a youth group to hold monthly teen dances at their “Lions’ Den”. The most exciting change is when our “retired” Lions offer to cook hot dogs and provide light security. Attendance has increased five-fold this year and a local Leo’s Club is in the planning!
  • Encourage the Heart – It is part of your job as a Leader to appreciate everyone’s contributions and celebrate individual excellence. As volunteers, we certainly aren’t in it for the money, but authentic appreciation can build a strong sense of collective identity and community spirit that can carry us past discouraging times.

Are you wondering what you can do to become a Leader? LCI has a vast array of tools available online for “grassroots” Lions to International Directors. The Lions Learning Center, webinars and “How-To” training of all types are available on the Lions Club International website (www.lionsclubs.org). That handy little search bar on the top right hand corner is your window to the exciting digital world of Lions! Join us in our journey to Leadership!

Yours Together in Service,
Lion Sheryl Shemet
GLT-D, 35-L