Dec 04 2015

Save Sight! Promote Cornea Donation

Lions Eye Banks

Lions Eye Bank Week (December 6-12) is an ideal opportunity for Lions to promote the importance of cornea donation to save sight. Increased awareness leads to more tissue donations, which helps eye banks give the gift of sight to even more men, women and children each year. Contact an eye bank near you to explore volunteer opportunities. For more information, visit the Lions Eye Bank Week page.

Florida Lions Eye Bank, Inc. (M)
900 NW 17TH Street, #347
Miami, FL 33136
Telephone: 305-482-4323
Email: (Elizabeth Fout-Caraza) efcaraza@med.miami.edu
Website: www.fleb.org

Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and Research
1410 North 21st Street
Tampa, FL 33605
Telephone: 813-289-1200
Email: (Jason K. Woody) JWoody@lionseyeinstitute.org
Website: www.lionseyeinstitute.org