Dec 04 2015

District Governor’s Message

Lion Larry Hopkins District Governor Lion Carol Hopkins Partner in Service

Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor
Lion Carol Hopkins
Partner in Service

I hope that all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you had the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Let us look forward to Christmas and New Years as we complete the projects of the first half of our year in Lions. I ask that we keep in mind that this time of year can be and is very difficult for many for various reasons and that we make sure to reach out to those who are struggling. I know several clubs did Thanksgiving dinners for those who are less fortunate in their communities, which is a great way to connect to those who are having a difficult time. I encourage you to do the same for those families with children that may need help with the Christmas budget for their kids. This time of year is also very difficult for those who have lost loved ones (especially recently) and we need to make sure we let them know that you care about them and the difficult time they may be going through. Sometimes this simple act of kindness can literally save a life. This is also a good time to help those kids who go to school with shoes with holes in them, no socks or underwear, or worn-out, ill-fitting cloths. Work with your local schools and daycares to help identify children in need and how to best help them.

I have visited several clubs this past month and am in the home stretch now as I finish up with the last few clubs I have yet to visit. One of the things that has come to light through all of the club visits this year is that we have several clubs with disgruntled members due to non-clarity of their clubs finances.

This is something that will drive members away faster than anything else. There has to be 100% transparency on club finances. Every member has a right to know where the funds are coming from and what the funds are being used for. If you are a club that is also a 501(C)(3) public charity, you also have an obligation to provide club financial status to anyone from the public who requests the information. There seems to be a misconception with some club officers that the club membership does not need to know this information or that the money is theirs to spend as they see fit without club members input or knowledge. This idea is incorrect! It is the clubs money as a whole and members deserves to know what is going on and have input with the money they helped generate for the club. It is the Lions International standard, according to constitution and bylaws, that each Club Treasurer is required to give a report on club income and expenditures at least once a month at a club membership meeting.

We are almost to the half way point for our Lions year so now would be a good time to assess your clubs goals and see if there are any adjustments that need to be made in order to reach these goals for this year. This is also a good time to do the ground work on getting a Leo club started for the beginning of January. We currently have three Campus clubs being built and one Hispanic club. Our District GMT Lion Tony Stefanowicz, PDG has been very busy. Remember to not turn away somebody that you have not actually asked to be a part of the world’s greatest service organization and what you do as a Lion. Don’t say no for them! Let’s also make sure that we reach out to those members that have not shown up for a meeting and make sure they are ok. Find out if they are dissatisfied with something or someone in the club and try to get them back to being a part of the club. We work too hard to get members to just let them quietly slip out the backdoor. Close the back door and lock it.

I hope that all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and please remember to help those who may need your help to have a better holiday season.

Make the Most of What You Have!
Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor 35-L
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