Oct 14 2015



by PDG Tony Stefanowicz


Conflicts are normal and sometimes even healthy for an organization. There are a variety of reasons why a conflict can occur and if you hope to resolve the conflict, it is helpful to understand why it exists. People should feel free to respectfully express differences of opinion and constructively address and resolve them. However, there will be times when a complaint cannot be resolved without some formal dispute resolution process. While most conflicts can and should be resolved informally, some are complex and difficult and require additional procedures in order to ensure all involved find a resolution.

The purpose of Lions Dispute Resolution Procedures (DRP) is to provide a mechanism for resolving disputes within the Lions organization without the need for a formal evidentiary hearing. To achieve this goal, the International Board of Directors have adopted the rules of procedure for hearing complaints, disputes or claims arising from the International Constitution and By-Laws, International Board Policy or matters arising at the club or district (single, sub-and multiple) level. It is an obligation of membership to pursue all complaints, disputes or claims in accordance with the International Constitution and By-Laws and policies and procedures adopted by the International Board of Directors. Accordingly, the International Board of Directors have adopted the Club Dispute Resolution Procedure, District Dispute Resolution Procedure and the Multiple District Dispute Resolution Procedure as the acceptable DRP policies to resolve Lions issues at the club, district and multiple district levels.

These guidelines are intended to assist Lions members, clubs and districts (single, sub-and multiple) in following the Club, District and Multiple District Dispute Resolution Procedures when conflicts cannot be resolved through informal processes. These guides are a supplement to the policies adopted by the International Board of Directors, and are not intended to replace the policies adopted by the International Board of Directors. Lions are encouraged to review the described policies in detail. The policies may be found on the Lions Clubs International website www.lionsclubs.org or by contacting the Legal Division at legal@lionsclubs.org or by calling 1-630-203-3847. It should be noted that these guidelines are not intended to apply to the Constitutional Complaint Procedure or the District Governor/Vice District Governor Election Complaint Procedures, which are explained in greater detail in the particular policies themselves.