Oct 10 2015

Global Leadership Team Message

gltlogoDear Lion Leaders,

Our motto is “We Serve”, but to serve effectively, we need to acquire the tools to “do our job”. You may have taken on-line courses with the Lions Learning Institute and attended webinars offered by LCI, but a fresh opportunity is being offered to Lions by the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum.

As a Lions Club leader, you understand that building strong communities through volunteer service is our objective. The Lions University program is about making sure that you have the skills and resources to meet this objective.

To complete each program, Lions must complete 10 required courses, at least 5 elective classes, and complete specific leadership experiences. To complete a course, the Lion takes part in an hour long training session. These sessions are offered online on this website, through periodic webinars that are posted on this website, and through live sessions led in Districts and Multiple Districts. No prerequisites are required, other than your passion to grow in Lionism.

Once the training session is completed, the Lion takes a simple online test to confirm their learning. Upon completion, the Lion is awarded a certificate of course completion. Lions are welcome to complete the courses that interest them in any of the programs, and in any order they wish. Credit is given toward the program that the class is under. Through three educational program levels, Lions Leaders will enhance their knowledge and skills to better serve their community.

  • Bachelor’s Program: This program allows Lions to develop the skills necessary to lead a vital Lions Club. Courses are directed to the skills needed to be great club leader.
  • Master’s Program: This program focuses on giving support to clubs through district leaders. This program is aimed at District Level leaders: District Governors, Vice District Governors, Zone Chairs, District Committee Chairs, Certified Guiding Lions, and other leaders that are ready to foster quality clubs in their District.
  • Doctorate Program: This program focuses on skills needed to be a training facilitator for adult volunteers. In effect, Lions who have completed the Doctorate Program are prepared to be great trainers of other Lions.

Graduation of each level requires attendance at a USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. The USA/Canada Forum is the largest and best Lions Club Leadership training event in the world. With over 50 specific training sessions related to developing quality Lions Clubs, thousands of Lions Leaders share their experience. Next year the Forum will be held Sept. 15-17 in Omaha, Nebraska. For more information on the Forum or Lions University, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Yours Together in Service,
Lion Sheryl Shemet
GLT-D, 35-L

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