Oct 03 2015

District Governor’s Message

Lion Larry Hopkins District Governor Lion Carol Hopkins Partner in Service

Lion Larry Hopkins
District Governor
Lion Carol Hopkins
Partner in Service

We have officially completed the first quarter of the Lions year. A lot of you have picked up the ball and have been running hard this summer. Others have taken a break for the summer and are just now starting to get reengaged in service to your communities. Let’s make sure that when we are doing our projects whether they be fund raising or providing service in the community that we are taking the time to ask people to be a part of what you do as Lions. Remember to not say no for someone without giving them the chance to tell you yes. Many times those people that we think are too busy or would just not be interested are the ones who will surprise you and say yes to be a part of what you do in the community.

Some of the things to remember that are happening in October is White Cane Awareness Month and that when conducting projects you should make sure to include public awareness on White Cane Laws and courtesies. We are also having our Fall District Meeting/Training in Tallahassee on the 17th starting at 9:00 am for the PDG meeting and the main meeting kicking off at 9:30 am at the Capital City Country Club. Their address is: 1601 Golf Terrace Drive, Tallahassee, FL. Make sure that you let PDG Anne Davis know that you are coming. The thing that I am most excited about for this month is that PDG Tony Stefanowitcz has set up for us as a District to build three new campus clubs. We will be putting one in University North Florida in Jackson-ville, Flagler State College in St. Augustine and in St. Johns River State College in Palatka. PDG Tony has a Campus Clubs Consultant from Lions International named PDG Paul Baker that will be here to put on a work shop on the 18th and then will help build the clubs over the next four days. PDG Tony will be putting out more information on this. Those who would like to learn how to put in a Campus Club and help recruit are welcome to attend. Contact PDG Tony at cell number (386) 853-0416 or email address govnortony@yahoo.com.

I would like to thank Lion Sheryl Shemet for her hard work in putting together the Zone Chair training that she conducted on the 26th of September. Great work on reaching out within and beyond the District for trainers on the various topics. I also want to thank those Lions who went to the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. What an awesome experience! There were so many seminars presented that you never lacked for something to do. Everything from the club level to being an International Director was presented. If you have never had an opportunity to attend one of these, I would recommend putting it on your bucket list. Next years will be in Omaha Nebraska in September.

For those not aware, we have a change in the District Treasurer position due to Lion Carl Plesner stepping down for personal reasons. I thank him for his over four years in the position and wish him well. The new Treasurer is Lion Lon Stafford from the Ancient City Lions Club and his contact information is as follows: 108 Little Pond Way, St. Augustine, FL 32086, cell number is (904) 330-7231 and his email is lstafford@cricpa.com

I would also like to say thank you to all the clubs that have hosted me for my visits. It has been a heartwarming experience to talk with you about the good and the bad that confront us as Lions. We have visited forty-four clubs so far and only have thirty more to go. We will be done with all except one due to a scheduling conflict by the middle of December.

I would ask that we keep those Lions who have lost loved ones and or are dealing with illness in our prayers as some are really struggling to deal with their personal burden.

Keep having fun and make the most of what you have!

Lion Larry Hopkins
Cell: (904) 303-2075
Email: gcslions4u@yahoo.com
District Webpage: lionsof35l.com